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Fouad WhatsApp Apk (Fouad WA) latest version download 2022

Fouad WhatsApp's WA MOD

Fouad WhatsApp MOD Apk is the result of a third party modification of the official application, namely WhatsApp Original. the presence of the WA MOD version is more profitable when used. This is because the user can do and enjoy all the features that the official version of WA does not have.

Fouad WhatsApp Official

Fouad WhatsApp's WA MOD series is also one of the most popular WA mod apk's downloaded and used by internet users. This is because the Fouad Mods app has various interesting things compared to the official WA. Such as the availability of features, display themes to other interesting things. One of the advantages of the Fouad WA Apk is that users can send several files of different sizes at the same time. However, if you use Official WA, you can only send files of a limited size. In fact, the files you send with Fouad WA do not lose quality, you know.

Not only that, but if you use WA MOD, you can easily change the look of the theme. You will see that it offers a wide range of free themes that can be applied straight away. Unlike the original WA app, it only offers 2 theme options, a dark and a light theme.

Although the Fouad WA Apk offers a choice of advanced features, its main functionality remains the same as the original WA app. A place where you can carry out your communication activities as usual. Like chatting, calling or video calling etc. For those who are interested and want to learn more about all that is available in the Fouad WA Apk. Therefore, you would be well advised to read carefully the content of the reviews we have provided so far.

Fouad WA Mods Apk features

As we have briefly mentioned in the comments above, almost all variants of the WA MOD Apk have very interesting and complex additional features. As a result, the original WA apps definitely do not have these features.

This is why Android and iOS users now prefer the WA Mod Apk to the original WA, so what features make internet users always curious about every WA MOD Apk like Fouad WA? Here is a list of features that we have summarised below specifically.

1. Variety of themes

To make the look of the themes in the WhatsApp apps you have even cooler and better, be sure to try switching to a WhatsApp MOD variant such as Fouad WhatsApp. Because there are hundreds of different themes that are absolutely cool, all of the showcase themes offered are available without having to pay.

With cool and premium themes available, you certainly won't get bored when running the WhatsApp app. Almost all WA Original users are bored because the themes used are just that. So it's no wonder that Fouad WA Apk is the perfect solution to overcome this boredom.

2. Download Story WA Friends

The developers of the Fouad WA Apk have embedded various advanced features, one of which is the download status/story WA feature for friends. The existence of advanced features like this will benefit every user, as you no longer need to help the app when you want to save other people's WA status. Simply activate the WA status download function that Fouad WhatsApp has and then all the WA stories you see/watch can be saved directly to the HP gallery without having to download the application. 3.

3. Fouad WhatsApp Apk Application Lock

The WhatsApp app is really used to communicate via chat and sometimes the content of the chat is personal or important. In other words, you need to lock the WA app so that no one can read the content of the chat. 

Normally, in order to lock a WA app using a pattern, pin or fingerprint, an app is required. However, if you use the Fouad WA Apk, you can lock the application immediately without having to download the locked application first. You see, the party modifying this application already provides the application locking function, you just need to activate the function and determine whether you want to lock the Fouad Mods application using pin, pattern or fingerprint.

4. Story length/WA status longer/longer

When creating a WA story in video file format, you can only create it for a predetermined duration of approximately 30 seconds. If the length exceeds the specified duration, the length of the video you have produced will be automatically cut. If you want to get a longer/longer duration when uploading a WA video story, use one of the WA MOD Apk's like Fouad WA. Because, you get more benefits when making story videos. Story videos produced with Fouad MODS are much longer, up to 7 minutes.

5. Ability to send multiple oversized files

Another advantage of using the Fouad WhatsApp Apk is the ability for users to send large files in bulk. This allows you to send large files in a single chat/message. One of the reasons why many official WhatsApp users switch to WA MOD is because of such problems. They often complain that they often experience problems such as not being able to send a large number of messages. Thanks to the Fouad WA Apk, such problems can be easily solved. You see, all image or video files of sufficient size can be sent without any problems or degradation of file quality.

6. WA Data Theft Prevention

Although Fouad WA is one of the modified variants of WhatsApp, you should not underestimate the security system. For example, you are worried that the mobile number entered into WA is being influenced or spoofed by other users. There is no need to worry about such issues, as the developers have included an anti-data theft system in Fouad WA. Therefore, each user number will always be protected by the WA Data Theft Anti-Theft system owned by the application.

7. Uncheck both and blue

The original WhatsApp app is actually equipped with various advanced features to support its use. Just like when you communicate with a friend via chat/message, you can turn off the blue two tick notification so that the person you are chatting with is not aware that the message has been sent and read.

8. Advanced Emoji Plugin

To add to the excitement of chatting via WA, Fouad WA offers additional emojis which are very cool and varied. WhatsApp actually offers an official Emoji program as well, but the number is still limited, unlike what is available in WA MOD.

9. Anti-deleted messages

If you are using the original version of WA, you will of course often find messages/wa chats that have not been read but deleted. Perhaps you are curious about the content of the messages? If you want to know the content of deleted messages, the solution is simple - just use Fouad WA. Because the Fouad WA application is equipped with very sophisticated features and benefits its users. This feature automatically restores deleted WA chat content.

10. Online status can be deleted

Some WA users do not like online status notifications when they open the WhatsApp application. If you are one of these users, you should start switching to the WA MOD variant.

You see, every WA Mod has an embedded feature that removes online status. This is included in the Fouad WA Apk and can be activated if you do not want to show the online status.

11. Typing can be disabled

In addition to the online status, you can easily disable typing notifications. The only condition is to use the Fouad WA MOD Apk, as there is already a Disable Typing function in this WA apk.

12. Anti-ban

In addition to the Anti-take WA feature, the developer of Fouad WA MOD also provided other advanced features for the app he made, namely the Anti Banned Feature. embedding the Anti Banned Feature to predict the number of users per Fouad WA party is always safe from being officially banned by WhatsApp.

All the features of Fouad WA that we have summarised above are actually only some of its features. The reason for this is that the WA Mod app has many other interesting features. If you want to see all the features, just download the Fouad WhatsApp Apk via the download link we have prepared in this article.

Although Fouad WA is a third-party modified application, the security system can be trusted. In fact, some claim Fouad Mods is very safe to use. So when you want to try this WA Mod Apk, you don't have to hesitate or fear.

You can chat as much as you like via Fouad Mods without worrying about your WA number being banned. The problem is that in the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp, security has been added.

Therefore, if you want more sophisticated security, you can download the latest version of the Fouad WA file directly via the download link provided in this article. We will also offer all versions of the Fouad WhatsApp app, which can be downloaded directly for free.

However, while Fouad WA provides a better security system, there are certainly risks associated with third-party Apk development. So, for those who do decide to try this WA Mod application, you must also be prepared for all the risks you may accept.