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Do you want to download the Fouad WhatsApp new version if you know the disadvantages of Fouad?

Fouad WhatsApp new version

Advantages of Fouad WhatsApp

If you already know the functional advantages of  fouad whatsapp download. Then you can consider replacing Whatsapp with fouad whatsapp latest version . Here is a brief explanation of the advantages of Fouad WA.

Sending messages without saving contacts

The original version of WhatsApp requires us to save the number before we can send a message using WhatsApp. However, if you use the Fouad version of WhatsApp, you no longer have to do this.

You will be able to send messages directly without having to save the number, so it's much more practical. Perfect for people who are busy and don't want to bother saving other people's numbers.

Automatic chat feature

The Fouad mods version of the application offers an automatic chat feature, so it can be used as an enterprise account. No need to hire too many administrators or shifts. Simply recruit an administrator and activate the automatic chat feature outside of working hours.

Lack of fouad whatsapp latest version apk

In addition to the many advantages that Fouad offers, it also has some disadvantages that are not fatal, but you may be interested in them, which are explained below.

Unofficial application

What you should know is that this application is not an official application. No wonder you have to look for this secure application on the Internet. You will not be able to find this application in Google Play Store or App Store.

Jeopardize privacy

There are plenty of websites that offer Fouad WhatsApp for download. Unfortunately, not all of the apps offered are safe. The application may have been infiltrated by malware or viruses and therefore may compromise the privacy of the person downloading and installing it. Therefore, you can choose to download the application from a trusted website. This website I tried to download and use is relatively safe, so if you don't find a trusted website, then you can try the Fouad mods app from this website.